FYI Vol. VI, No. 9

News from Canada’s École nationale de cirque: entrance exams are fast approaching.

Paris, Toronto, Vancouver and … Montreal! Aspiring artists are invited to test their mettle to become candidates at the 2018 Entrance Auditions! For the first step, the jury will travel to Paris for the Entrance Exam held on January 17 and 18 (Note: The deadline for this one is December 15, 2017). For Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, the exam will take place in February and the registration deadline is January 15, 2017! More

ENC to offer online teacher training for instructors.

The next session of the Instructor of Circus Arts online teacher training program will begin this coming February. Leading to an Attestation of College Studies from the Quebec Ministry of Education, this hybrid course is offered in French and English and runs for 17 weeks. It comprises both virtual classroom (e-learning) sessions and a one-week intensive onsite at the School’s Montreal campus. And, for the first time, next May our teachers will hold week-long in-person session in Dublin, Ireland. Applicants may choose between the Montreal or the Dublin options for the in-person training week. Deadline for registration is January 31 and the session begins on February 17, 2018.

 Circus 1903  closing at Las Vegas’ Paris Theater on Jan. 7.

Although originally expected to run through November 2018, the show will close after a five month run.  The show’s box office take was below the break even point.  Expectations are, however, that the show will undertake a world tour in February, visiting Asia, the U.K. and Europe.

Performing for the Pope

The National Circus of Cuba performed for Pope Francis’ 81 birthday, on December 17.  The troupe, consisting of about forty circus artist, singers and dancers  will be performing in Rome through January 28.