Ballyhoo Vol. VI, No. 1


The cover:

Tom (Dougherty) and Pepe (Silva Rodriguez) as they appeared in the Monte Carlo International Festival of Circus.  Photo courtesy of the Monte Carlo International Festival of Circus.

Editor’s Fanfare:

In dealing with local law makers around the country the circus tried logic and persuasion when they should have  tried fear.


In the aftermath of the announcement of the Ringling and Big Apple closings, several people and organizations have tried to pick up the pieces.

Feature Article:

Tom Dougherty discusses the latest development in his clowning career:  taking on a partner.

The Passing Spectacle:

       The 41st  Monte Carlo International Festival of Circus

       Cirque d’Hiver’s Surprise

Book Reviews:

       Sawdust Sisterhood by Steve Ward

       A History of the Circus by Pascal Jacob

Monte Carlo photo gallery