The Ballyhoo Vol. V – No. 5


Mike Rice with Kelly Miller Circus as William T. Kiddo, the Mule Whisperer.  Photo by Paul Gutheil.

Editor’s Fanfare:

The sad story of the Big Apple Circus’ decline into insolvency.


The Bindlestiff Family Circus recreates popular entertainment of the 19th Century in Brooklyn’s famous Green-Wood  Cemetery.

Feature Article:

Richard Kennison uses the internet to coach promising young jugglers all over the country and abroad.

The Passing Spectacle:

          Kelly Miller

          Circus Flora

West Coast Passing Spectacle:

Judy Finelli’s wrap-up of the watershed season in new circus in California.

Book Review:

Cirque Global, a collection of essays discussing the reach of Cirque du Soleil and its offshoots.

Photo Galleries:

          Maike Schulz’s gallery of images from Circus Flora

          Paul Gutheil’s images from  Kelly Miller Circus

          Maike Schulz’s images from Bindlestiff’s gala at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, where there is no such a thing as sacrilege.