The Ballyhoo Vol. V – No. 2


Bill Irwin gives David Shiner a lift in the revival of their Broadway hit Old Hats.  Photo by Gregory Costanzo

Editor’s Fanfare:

A sad farewell to one of the cherished icons of my youth.  Their passing diminishes one of the true joys of my life.


Michael Bongar is one of the most generous people connected with the circus that I have ever met. It’s his way of showing his love of the circus and its people.

The Passing Spectacle:

       Old Hats

       International Contemporary Circus Exposure

The Passing Spectacle in San Francisco:

       Judy Finelli reports on a watershed year for the circus arts in San Francisco


        Contemporary  Circus, photos by Ian Douglas, courtesy Skirball

        Acrosanct, photos by Gary Thomsen