Ballyhoo Vol. V – No.1


The pas de deux performed by the Acrobatic Troupe of Guangzhou at the Monte Carlo International Circus  Festival.  Photo courtesy of Press Center of Monaco.

Editor’s Fanfare:

Conversations with friends at the Festival provide some interesting information.


Calls for help come from a variety of sources.

Feature Article:

Guest circus journalist Raphael Harris  interviews Ukraine juggler Alexander Koblikov who reveals some fascinating details about his act now on view with the Big Apple Circus

Monte Carlo Festival in Review:

One of the most impressive collection of circus artists ever gathers in Monte Carlo to celebrate the festival’s 40th anniversary.

The Passing Spectacle:

         The film Circus Without Borders

         2nd annual Celebration of American Circus

Book Review:

         The Education of a Clown

Photo Galleries:

         Monte Carlo Festivals, programs A an B

         The Festival’s Gala Performance.

         Maike Schulz’s photos from the Celebration of American Circus