Book Review Vol. IV, No. 5

Tall Tales of a Short Clown, by Barry Lubin

published by AuthorMike Ink in both paperback and kindle. ISBN numbers: 0991033027 and 978-0991033027.

During the 18 years I have been published Spectacle, both online and in print, I have had the great, good pleasure to interview Barry Lubin any times over the course of his illustrious career with the Big Apple Circus.  Being familiar with Barry, I can absolutely verify that this is Barry’s voice doing the talking in his autobiography Tall Tales of a Short Clown.  His voice is as distinct out of the ring as his silence is eloquent in the ring.

But in all those interviews, it now becomes apparent,  Barry was obviously leaving something out of his story. He has corrected that omission in this tale that takes us through his various addictions, a bout with cancer, and his relationships with those closest to him, both as a child and an adult.

These revelations are told with a combination of disarming forthrightness and an inescapable sense of humor.  He is a clown, after all,  both in and out of makeup.

Now what I wish he would do is write a biography of his alter ego Grandma.  That would be fascinating and I suspect hilarious.