FYI Vol. IV, No. 5


A Pairing of Culture and Circus

The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art  is sponsoring a trip to Paris and Monte Carlo.  It is being led by executive director Steven High.  The departure date is January 11.  After spending a few days exploring the rich cultural treasures of the City of Light, the group will move on to the Monte Carlo to attend performances of the 40th anniversary edition of the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival.  This year’s festival, by the way, will not be a competition, but a series of encore performances by past winners.

The museum’s announcement of this event concludes by saying “This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for connoisseurs of culture and circus.”

I have a feeling it is more likely to attract connoisseurs of culture than of circus.  The Monte Carlo festival is classy enough to please culture vultures, but the cultural aspect of the visit to Paris might leave circus fans cold.  Although they could skip the Louvre and check out the circus at Cirque d’hiver and the Alexis Gruss show in the Bois de Boulogne.

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On a Personal Note

This issue is somewhat abbreviated because of personal issue that arose just as I was preparing the material for publication.  My computer was stolen from my (unlocked) car as it sat in my son’s driveway in Virginia.  I have been able to piece together some of the material that had already been written, thanks to different sources, so I have decided to go ahead with what I have rather than wait to add new material.  I hope to back fully back in business in time for the next issue which will probably be out in late September.  Thanks for your indulgence.