Ballyhoo Vol. IV, No. 4


Vincent Jutras and Jérémi Lévesque, second year students at Canada’s National Circus School, performing in the pre-show activity of Les Etinceleurs.  Photo by Roland Lorente.

Editor’s Fanfare:

The circus and its people are brought to mind in some seemingly unrelated reading material.


The circus and its artists are honored in prestigious awards.

Feature Article:

Sarah Chapman examines changes in the circus from her unique position in the middle between the old and the new.

The Passing Spectacle:

      Ringling’s Circus Xtreme revisited

     The annual shows of the Canadian National Circus Schools

     Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars

     Kelly Miller

     Acrobatica Infiniti

     The Acrobatic Conundrum

Photo Galleries:

     Roland Lorente’s images from Canada

     Paul Gutheil’s images from Kelly Miller and Cole Bros.

     Mike and Patricia Wilson’s images from Acrobatica Infiniti

     Gary Thomsen’s images from Acrobatic Conundrum