Ballyhoo Vol. IV, No. 3


Kyle Driggs, in the Bindlestiff Cirkus Cabaret, photography by Maike Schulz.

Editor’s Fanfare:

Change is an inevitable and inescapable element of life.  The circus is changing faster than we ever thought possible.  How to cope?


A wide variety of projects and fascinating developments are keeping the circus more interesting than ever.

Feature Article:

The second generation of new circus artists are growing up and moving the circus forward with advanced skills and fresh ideas.  Several families are cultivating accomplished circus performers.

Passing Spectacle:

  • Flip FabriQue’s Catch Me !
  • 7 Fingers’ Sequence 8
  • Bindlestiff’s Cirkus Cabaret

Photo Galleries:

  • Sequence 8, courtesy of 7 Fingers company
  • Maike’s Schulz’s images from Bindlestiff Cirkus Cabaret

The Second Generation, as they have grown and are in the process of becoming future stars:

  • The Hentoff-Killians
  • The Wunderles
  • The Mondays