Ballyhoo Vol. IV, No. 2


The Danguir high wire troupe on Ringling’s Circus Xtreme.  Photo by Maike Schulz.

Editor’s Fanfare:

What is a “real” circus?  Its time to stop worrying about labels and to begin  appreciating  all the many variations that young artists have fashioned under the title “circus.”  This is a discussion we all need to have.


There is a lot to look forward to from now through the summer, right up through the World Circus Summit.  Come one come all.


The most prominent creators of circus from across the globe talk about the inspiration behind their creations and the work in seeing them come alive.

The Passing Spectacle:

Ringling’s Circus Xtreme

   Australia’s Circus Oz

   Chicago’s Circuscope

Book Review:

Steve Ward’s Beneath the Big Top, a Social History of the Circus in Britain

Photo Galleries:

Maike Schulz’s images from Circus Xtreme

   Richard Czina’s images from Circus Sarasota’s Fearless 

   Maike Schulz’s images from Circus Oz in Princeton, NJ

   Circuscope photography by Liam Bradley, Cole Simon and Sylvia DiStasi