The Ballyhoo Vol. III, No. 8

 On the cover :

Trio Bellismio, appearing with Circo Hermanos Vazquez, photo by Maike Schulz.

Editor’s Fanfare:

If the new circus moves in the direction of the latest production from 7 Fingers, and it probably will, it is going to have to add another element to the training of circus artists.


Some people can’t seem to help being innovators.  Several whose work takes them into new areas of endeavor are featured in the latest news from various sources.

Feature Article:

There are still some circuses that show their wares under canvas, and they need to be able to find artists who have what it takes to be a success in these demanding venues.  One such circus is taking matters into its own hands to provide yet another aspect of training, completely different from that discusses in the Editor’s Fanfare.

The Passing Spectacle:

7 Fingers’ Cuisine and Confessions, seen at its premiere in Montreal. The Golden Acrobats in Cirque Viva, at New York’s New Victory Theater. 360Allstars, another of the New Victory shows. Grazing the Stars, an independent film documentary.

Maike Schulz’s gallery of images from Circo Hermanos Vazquez.


Passing Spectacle photo gallery.

Cuisine and Confessions photos by Alexandre Galliez

Cirque Ziva photos by Amitava Sarka

Grazing the Sky Photos by Nube