FYI Vol. III, No. 7


Cirque du Soleil on the Move Again

Cirque du Soleil has entered into a partnership with Club Med to launch a new concept in experiential travel to be called Club Med Creactive by Cirque du Soleil. The Montreal based operation has been looking for ways to expand its activities, and this is obviously its latest initiative to get beyond staging touring shows.  Creactive will open in a newly constructed area at the Club Med facility in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic in June 2015.  Guests will be able to participate in more than twenty-five acrobatic and artistic activities ranging from high bungee and flying trapeze to tightrope, trampoline, juggling, dance, and mask painting among others.  The environment has been designed to encourage both adults and kids to learn new skills under the supervision of Cirque du Soleil-trained staff.  The activities are included in an all-inclusive rate.   Once this initial site is open and working, addition Creactive sites at other Club Med properties will follow.


Rare Camels To Light Up Circus World Big Top

America’s Show Camels, Inc. has announced that it will be providing the big top show at Circus World with a liberty camel act this coming summer. It will be made up of six blue-eyed, black and white so-called “painted” camels which are native to the Canary Islands.   There are only forty of this rare breed based in the United States, and only one thousand in the entire world.   Ryan Henning, America’s Show Camels owner spent most of the summers of his youth working at Circus World, working with various types of animals both domestic and exotic.  In addition to his work with the camels Henning is also an assistant animal superintend, and animal care spokesperson for The Greatest Show on Earth.


Circus College Moves Closer to Being a Reality

The Circus Conservatory of America, not to be confused with the Circus Arts Conservatory, although one must be forgiven if such confusion persists, presented a preview performance of what is in store when the first circus college in the country opens in Portland, Maine in the fall of 2016. Several world-class performers participated in the show including Krin Haglund, Cory Tabino, Ariele Ebacher, and Josh Oliver.  Participating staff members included Cris Clark, head recreational coach, Blain Tully, general manager, and Kerry Kaye, coach and rigger, as well as Hillary Webb, vice president and academic dead, who pronounced the event a huge success.


Gay Circus Temporarily Postponed

Rainbow Circus, America’s first and probably only traveling LBGT circus, has had to postpone its grand opening due to lack of funding. The inaugural had been scheduled to take place in late October in St. Petersburg, Florida before embarking on a national tour.  The show is the creation of producer Philip Anthony.  He has been busy setting up an itinerary and engaging performers since this past March.  Plans were to do two shows a day in St. Petersburg, an early show aimed at audiences of all ages and a late evening show slanted toward adults.   Rafael Palacios is one of the most prominent performers already signed on.  He is hoping Anthony will be successful in raising the needed funding through various social media outlets.  The target date for a new opening is now the summer of 2015.



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