Editor’s Fanfare Vol. III, No. 7

New Features Expand Coverage

As an online magazine Spectacle has proven to be much more popular and far reaching than the print version ever was.  As evidence of this new audience, we recently heard from Josep Bassa, a photographer located in Spain who has been taking photos of circus performers from many years.  He is happy to share his work with Spectacle readers, and his photographs provide another view of  circus performance around the world.  His photos were taken at Circo Alex Zavatta, Circ Raluy. Circo Alegria and Circo Twister.

If other photographers would like to similarly share their work they are most welcome to make themselves known via email at circusarts@aol.com

This issue contains what we believe is a most thorough and informative compendium of the three most active circus centers in the United States.   Together with two correspondents, Kim Campbell in Chicago and Judy Finelli in San Francisco, and myself reporting from New York City, we have put together what may be the most comprehensive survey attempted of circus activity in these three cities, with the emphasis on professional rather than recreational  projects.  If we have missed any project or individual, please let us know, and we will update in a future issue.

On a Personal Note

Critical reception to my new book From Barnum & Bailey to Feld has been very positive, as the following examples illustrate. “Eminently readable, the book is filled with details that bring history alive. Both serious circus historians and casual readers will be rewarded with surprises throughout.  Insightful and revealing, this volume is a must for circus enthusiasts of all stripes, blending meticulous documentation with critical evaluation of the unique personalities that held the reins of power.” “Circus enthusiasts of all persuasions will be entranced.”   Don Covington, Circus Report and White Tops “Superb. The most extensive and comprehensive review of the artistic and performance side of the Greatest Show on Earth to date.    Highly recommended.”  Herbert B. Ueckert, Circus Report “Clear and informative, with much on wider social currents as they affected these touring shows, Albrecht’s account balances readability with citations of primary sources that scholars will appreciate.”   Frederick J. Augustyn, Jr. Library of Congress, Library Journal.   “From Barnum & Bailey to Feld is an astonishing read.”  Don Stacey, King Pole . As gratifying as these reviews are, reader reviews of the book are also needed. If you have read and enjoyed the book it would be very helpful and much appreciated if you would file a reader’s review on Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble. If you have not yet obtained a copy of the book it is available at these major retailers as well as the publisher McFarland Books.   www.mcfarlandbooks.com