Ballyhoo Vol. III, No. 5


Adam Kuchler as the title character in Circus Flora’s The Pawn.  Photo by Maike Schulz

Editor’s Fanfare:

Don’t cry for lost canvas.  Circus is better under a roof


Honors, major steps forward, proposals to bring back the past, and a circus skill goes pop.


Some changes in the hierarchy of Circus Flora and John Ringling North II reviews his seven years at the helm of Kelly Miller in Conversations with Circus Administrators

After a period of self-assessment, Cirque du Soleil has brought forth a new strategy that includes one more assault on Broadway.  Stewart McGill talks to the person in charge of this strategy as Cirque du Soleil Prepares For Its Broadway Debut.

The Passing Spectacle:

      Circus Flora’s The Pawn

      Kelly Miller Circus

      Circo Hermanos Vazquez

Photo Galleries:

      Maike Schulz’ s gallery of Circus Flora

      Paul Gutheil’s gallery of Kelly Miller

      Kim Campbell’s gallery of Circo Hermanos Vazquez