Ballyhoo Vol. III, No. 4



Sidney Bateman and Melvin Diggs in L’abri at the Canadian National Circus School annual show.  Sidney was known around the St, Louis Arches as IKing.  Photo by Roland Lorente

Editor’s fanfare:

Intermissions can be a problem, or not– depending on how they are handled.


A heads up from the West coast, news from Feld Entertainment, Guy Laliberte of Cirque du Soleil, Bello Nock, Circus World Museum, and other trends


Jessica Hentoff  adds her tribute to Circus Flora founder David Balding

A new technique used in creating circus is explored by Judy Finelli

The Passing Spectacle:


Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars

Ringling’s Legends revisited

The Canadian National Circus School annual productions Labri and La Matrice deMorphee

Cirque du Soleil’s Kurio, the Cabinet of Curiosities

Photo Galleries:


Cole Bros. by Maike Schulz

Canadian National Circus School by Roland Lorente