Ballyhoo, Vol. III, No. 2

The Cover:

Alexander Lacey and his pal have a moment together.  Photo by Maike Schulz.

 Editor’s Fanfare:

Circus performers don’t always act like the artists they want to be taken for.


Auditions, the restoration of a valued tradition, name changes and new venues are in the news.

 Feature Article:

Steve Smith has a new position in a circus with a new name.

 The Passing Spectacle:

       Ringling’s Legends.

       Cirque Eloize’s Cirkopolis

       Circus Sarasota’s Wonderstruck


Maike Schulz’ photo gallery of Legends.


Richard Czina’s photo gallery of Circus Sarasota’s Wonderstuck.


Richard Czina’s photo gallery of The Big Cat Encounter’s Animal Extravaganza.