Ballyhoo Vol. III, No. 1

The Cover:

The hand to hand balancing act of Duo Suining of China, winners of the Silver Clown in Monte Carlo.

Editor’s Fanfare:

Watching young talent develop and achieve success is one of the great pleasures of working with young people, either as trainers and mentors, or in the editor’s case, identifying talent at a early stage in their development.


Lots of movement and growth especially in the area of youth circus.


Dominique Jando has had a variety of experiences related to circus since moving to America.  He has now added another job to his resume, as producer of The Lone Star Circus, in, of all places, Texas.

Dan and Betty Butler have created a spectacular youth circus program in St. Paul, Minnesota, which is now being recognized in places far from home, adding to their prestige and opportunities for greater growth.

Passing Spectacle:

The 38th edition of the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival

Monte Carlo Photo Gallery