Ballyhoo Vol. II, No. 9

Editor’s Fanfare

I prefer the circus of today these days, rather than what certain festivals are telling me will be the circus of tomorrow, so I won’t be visiting Paris this year.


A number of well established circus related programs are making plans for significant expansion programs and are in the process of raising the money to finance them.  In the meantime, Feld Entertainment  is expanding its newly acquired  headquarters in Ellenton, Fl and is projected to have a $3.5 billion impact on the area.


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An interview with Rob Slowik, the Big Apple Circus’ musical director, continues our study of the people who make the circus sing and dance.



A carnival attraction that brings audiences within a few inches of its daredevils is visited by a guest contributor Liz Arratoon of London.

The Passing Spectacle

La Soiree 6





La Soiree


Mother Africa


Appalacian Spring