The Ballyhoo Vol. II – No. 8

The Cover: 

Rob Torres, photo by Maike Schulz, taken during his engagement with The Big Apple Circus

Editor’s Fanfare: 

Circus Sarasota has expanded its presence in its home town by taking  the Sailor Circus, the city’s youth circus, under its wing, and in so doing has been reinvigorated and rediscovered its creative spirit.  We couldn’t be happier.


News from a variety of sources, keep us abreast of several current issues.




Rob Torres, who is currently starring in the Big Apple Circus’ new show, has enjoyed a career that has taken him the clown alley of the Clyde Beatty/Cole Bros. Circus to international success in the top circuses of Europe and his one-man show. 







Ward Hall explains it all, or at least gives the impression of doing so, in a conversation with Jennifer Miller, the bearded lady.  Together they discuss life as the side show impresario saw it on the circuses and carnivals of America during the his seventy-year career.





The American Youth Circus Organization held its biennial meeting in Seattle, Washington, this past August.  Four of the youth participants share their experiences there and their feeling about being a part of this growing organization.


The Passing Spectacle







The Big Apple Circus Luminocity








The Big E








Bay Area Circus Festivals




Bill Raab and Dan Norman’s gallery of Circus Juventas

Maike Schulz’s gallery of  the Michael Christensen Tribute

Gary Thomsen’s gallery of Bay Area Circus Festival