Ballyhoo Vol. II, No. 7


Troy Wunderle as the Wizard, about to send Dorothy home, in the Circus Smirkus production of Oz Incorporated. Photo by Robert Sanson.

Editor’s Fanfare:

The news suggests the emergence of several trends within the circus world, which could work either to the circus’ benefit or detriment.


Many new developments, both in the planning stage and those already in place suggest the circus is in a period of great activity.

  Feature Article:




Two young, talented composers have come to the circus thanks to a common source of inspiration and motivation.  Michael Picton and Tristan Moore talk about how this all came about and discuss their working relationship with other members of their circus’ creative teams





The Passing Spectacle:

Michael Jackson One







Circus Smirkus’ Oz Incorporated









Monkey: Journey to the West







Circus Bella











The Awakening of Angel DeLuna