Ballyhoo Vol. II, No. 6



Steve Copeland and Ryan Combs, photo by Maike Schulz

Editor’s Fanfare:

The Circus world continues to feel bitter resentment toward Cirque du Soleil as seen from  the reaction around the world to recent announcements.


Meanwhile the American circus in its various forms and permutations continues to expand.

Feature Article:







Steve Copeland and Ryan Combs are serious about their red noses and floppy shoes, their slapstick pratfalls and how to get bigger and bigger laughs.  They talk about their approach to their brand of comedy in a revealing conversation with Spectacle editor Ernest Albrecht

The Passing Spectacle:

Circus Flora










Kelly Miller Circus











Canadian National Circus School shows


Book Reviews:

Paul Binder’s  book of personal reminiscences from the Big Apple Circus Never Quote the Weather to a Sea Lion and Ron Dentinger’s  You Like It? I Do It Again, the story of Dieter Tasso.

Maike Schulz’ Photo Galleries:

Circus Flora, in the ring and backyard

Kelly Miller performance

Steve and Ryan clowning around.