FYI, Vol. II, No. 6


Harmony Spreading All Over the Place

Circus Harmony is branching out from its home base in St. Louis by participating in a new social circus that is being established in Spanish Harlem, NYC at the United Palace of Cultural Arts.  The program will be under the guidance of Circus Harmony founder and director Jessica Hentoff, with teaching being provided by alums of the St. Louis program, Keaton Henton-Killian and Terrance ‘T-Roc’ Robinson, both of whom are students in the Canadian circus schools.  They will be joined by Keith Fascinai.  It will be running through this summer.


Finding Good Circus Gigs

In talking with Johnny Peers and Willy Pages during my visit with Circus Flora, they both told me how difficult it is getting to be to find good engagements on circuses.  Both have found fairs more lucrative and available.  The Pages only do circuses in the spring for various shrine dates.

The Flying Pages fielded an all-girl act with Flora this year, some of whom were discovered on the internet by Anthony Pages, who has become something of an internet talent sc out.


A New Equestrian Tries for the Brass Ring

Another equestrian circus has surfaced, even as another of their number has gone belly up.  The new company is called Cavallo, and it is the brain child of Olissio Zoppe who has also directed the company’s first production Ma’Ceo, which is billed as an equestrian extravaganza featuring daredevil stunt work, traditional dressage, aerial performance, Cossack riding and vaulting, all of which is performed by world-class acrobats and riders.

“It is our dream to show the world the relationship we share with our horses, and the sheer excitement that they bring to all the lives they touch,” Olissio Zoppe explains.

To view a video of the highlights from Ma’Ceo, please visit:

For more information, please see the attached materials and visit


Boulder Juggling Festival a Success

The Ninth Annual Boulder Juggling Festival was held from June 28-30, 2013. Drawing from Boulder’s variety talent and bringing in featured performers from around the globe, the event turned the light on everyone who juggles from professionals, to champions, to you in your back yard or college dorm.

The Boulder Circus Center in North Boulder served as the site for most of the activities. Since its inception in 2004, the Boulder Circus Center, or BCC, has provided a meeting spot for performers and practitioners of human-based arts like juggling, clowning and trapeze. This year’s line-up featured special guests Dan Holzman and Thom Wall, combining juggling with comedy and using movement and contemporary art as a springboard to gravitational entertainment.

Dan Holzman has won worldwide renown for his solo and team performances as part of the duo, the Raspyni Brothers. Holzman has taken his act to Fords Theater, where he performed for the President. He also takes pride in being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records and has won the IJA Award of Excellence and the Bobby May Award, recognizing leaders in the history of the art. Holzman, always open to offering advice to enthusiasts and professionals, offered invaluable show-biz tips from his vast experience with popular and corporate audiences. He says, “I am always available to jugglers who are looking for advice, especially about performing and the crazy world of show business.” Holzman taught comedy performance workshops at the Boulder Circus Center on Friday at 4pm and on Saturday in some of the less common juggling techniques he performs.

Thom Wall, a native of St. Louis, returned to Boulder after experiencing a cornucopia of training and performance experiences around the country. Wall presented a show-stopping act to win the silver medal at the International Jugglers’ Association in Winston-Salem, NC last summer. At the Boulder Juggling Festival, Wall was MC for the Open Stage on Friday, taught workshops in site swap, a system for generating and notating new tricks, and juggling & movement.

The festival culminated on Saturday with the presentation of the Boulder Circus Arts Award. or call 303-444-8110.

The Ground is Shifting Under LAVA

 LAVA, the women’s acrobatic company headed by Sarah East Johnson is about to undergo what it terms as “tectonic shifts” in its organization.

After a year-long strategic planning process with BAM and the De Vos/Kennedy Center Institute, and following the success of its recent performances at the BAM Fisher Theater, the company has decided to make its primary focus the performance troupe at the heart of the company and concentrate its resources on the creation and performance of new work that fulfills its mission: to expand notions of gravity, relationships and the female form.

“This means,” Johnson says, “we will be scaling back our tuition-based after-school classes and that our year-round offerings of tuition-based after-school classes will not continue in September. However, we plan to continue our adult evening classes, our outreach programs (Community Class and Magma Mix) and also periodic workshops at the Studio and in NYC public schools.

“Volcanoes have always inspired us as sources of creation and destruction.,” Johnson says.  “Please know that it is not without sadness that these changes are taking place. But we must allow and even force the plates to shift every once in a while if we are to keep our vision fresh and see what is possible in the new terrain.”