Ballyhoo Vol. II, No. 1



Flip Kammerer as the fantastic Fantaysia in Circus Oz. Photo by Maike Schulz

Editor’s Fanfare: 

The circus industry needs to find out how big it really is and how important is its contribution to the national economy.  How can it do that?


The new season looks to be very busy and some innovations, large and small give the circus a renewed vitality.











Luke Wilson, who died at the age of 36, was on the verge of becoming an important international circus artist, both as performer and director.


The Passing Spectacle:

Circus Oz’s From the Ground Up.  










Peter and the Starcather on Broadway










The Cirque du Soleil film Worlds Away.

Book Review:

Professor Risley and the Imperial Japanese Troupe


Maike Schulz’s Circus Oz photo gallery