Ballyhoo Vol. I, No. 9



John Kennedy Kane, the new ringmaster of the Big Apple Circus.  Photo by Maike Schulz


Editor’s Fanfare

Is Bill Irwin’s career really a model for a new generation of clowns?



The Feld organization is reading its new home in Florida, Cirque du Soleil has a new home in NYC, and community based circus organizations are busy with a variety of activities.



Another overnight sensation has materialized.  This time with the Big Apple Circus.  It was thirty years in the making.










Daniel Cyr invented the wheel named after him almost a decade ago and he has discovering ways to use it ever since.










Passing Spectacle

The Big Apple Circus’ Legendarium

Circolombia’s Urban

An interview with Felicity Simpson

Mark Gindick’s Wing Man

The Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular

Pretty  Lights reviewed by Judy Finelli


Book Review

The catalogue for Bard Graduate Center’s exhibit “Circus and the City”


Big Apple Circus and Circolombia Photo Galleries from Maike Schulz