Ballyhoo Vol. I, No. 8



Zebulon Fricke as Billy the Kid in Circus Juventas’ Showdown.  Photo by Corey Gordon.

The Editor’s Fanfare:

Showcase or Spectacle?  What’s a youth circus or circus school to be?



The circus turns up in art, film and on TV. 


Feature Article:

It is tough enough to try to start a new circus school.  Sasha and Katherine Nevidonski have embarked upon an even greater challenge: starting a school for the equestrian arts, and, to make matters even more difficult,  it is located in rural Missouri.





The Passing Spectacle:

Circus Juventas’ Showdown


      Dralion  moves into the arena


Nik Wallenda turns up in Atlantic City

The Big E Super Circus is just that

How to Tame your Dragon  is both tame and terrifying