The Ballyhoo Vol. I, No. 5


On the Cover:

Alexander Lacey and the sole male lion in his act currently on view in Dragons, Ringling’s Blue Unit.  A return visit reveals that the act continues to develop, making the male the new star.  Photo by Maike Schulz.

Editor’s Fanfare:

Is there any human activity involving international interaction that is entirely free of politics?  The International Federation of Circus certainly hopes so.  Its efforts to keep itself non-political, however,  may be tested by the controversies that swirl around its newest member.


Both Cirques are on the move, as is Lu Yi and the creative geniuses in Hollywood.  Nik Wallenda is stalled.


One tends to think of both the east and west coasts as being the country’s centers of professional training in the circus arts.  But there is also a very vibrant and growing center in a cozy corner of bucolic Vermont.

The Passing Spectacle:

Feld Entertainment keeps us busy with lots to see at this time of year, and Cole Bros. makes its annual visit to a lot just four miles up the road.