FYI Vol. IX, No. 3

Young American with the initials WOW Wows Jury and Audience at European Festival

Wesley Williams was the only artist representing the United States at the 2020 Festival Internacional del Circ Elefant d’Or in Girona, Spain this past winter.  Only twenty-four individual artists and troupes from around the world that had never been seen in Europe before were chosen to compete in the 9th Edition of the festival.  Out of all the participants Wesley received the highest honor, the Main Prize Gold Elefant d’Or, emerging victorious over 24 acts, the first American and solo unicycle act to ever win such an award. 

In addition to competing at the festival Wesley also set a new Guinness World Record for the tallest rideable unicycle.  He achieved this record by pedaling over twenty-seven feet on an unsupported 29 feet, 1 inch unicycle, topping the previous record by almost ten feet, putting his head 33 feet in the air.

The jury also awarded Wesley the special prizes presented by individual circus companies.  He won these from The Nikulin State Circus, the Rosgocirk State Circus, the Gomel State Circus and the Ruscircus, RU. 

Hoping to break into the European market Wesley revised his act with entirely new music, choreography, costume and theme.

Interested parties will find photos, videos, and act information at or at his email address

Cirque du Soleil to Close Latest Vegas Show

R.U.N. Cirque’s installation at the Luxor Hotel and Casino has closed as of March 8.  In explaining the decision to close, a Cirque representative said, “Many avenues of creative options were explored to enhance the existing show, but the resources and time needed to make these changes proved to be obstacles too big to overcome.” 

R.U.N. was intended to push the boundaries of not only live entertainment, but of Cirque du Soleil’s own DNA, creating a unique form of entertainment that unfortunately did not receive the intended response. 

Canadian National Circus School Looking to Train Trainers

Register before April 15, 2020 for two programs which offer the opportunity to develop new teaching strategies that will have an immediate impact on your student’s success.

The Instructor in Circus Arts program provides the tools needed to introduce students of all ages to circus techniques and facilitate their progress through school or recreational activities.

The Trainer in Circus Arts program prepares you to specialize in training top-flight professional artists.

In the sessions, which begin in August 2020, you will work with internationally renowned masters of circus arts; learn in a place where creativity prevails and includes the student in the learning process; supervise the creation and realization of a circus performance; assess risks, develop your judgement and that of your students; learn how to safely set up and strike acrobatic device; immerse yourself in Montreal’s circus universe in the heart of what has come to be known as Circus City.