The Ballyhoo Vol. VIII, No. 8

The Cover:

Slava Polunin as he appears in Slava’s SnowShow, photo by Maike Schulz.

Editor’s Fanfare:

There is an old saying that cautions us to beware of answered dreams.  What’s happening with circus criticism seems to prove that point.


Nothing new to report except for Jim Moore’s tribute to the late Rob Torres.  Some copies of this handsome book are still available.

Feature Article:

Troy Wunderle could not be more aptly named if his character had been dreamed up for an MGM movie musical.  His amazing career in Vermont of all places is the subject of this issue’s exclusive interview.

Michael Christensen’s Great Adventure continues:

Michael takes us from the Cirque de Paris to the Big Apple Circus, becoming a clown and life on the circus.

The Passing Spectacle:

       The Big Apple Circus

       Slava’s SnowShow

Maike Schulz’s photo galleries:

       The Big Apple Circus

       Slava’s SnowShow