The Ballyhoo Vol. VIII, No. 6

The Cover:

Caleb Asch in Circus Flora, photo by George Koertel.

Editor’s Fanfare:

We are getting mixed signals from the American circus.  Is  thriving or dying?  It depends on where you look.


The Big Apple Circus has been making significant changes in its creative moves.  More on the latest of these changes.

The Passing Spectacle:

        Circus Flora

        Circus Smirkus

Guest Column:

Michael Christensen’s Behind the Yellow Fence makes it first appearance and takes us inside the Big Apple Circus with several reminiscences about Anna May Bill Woodcock’s talented elephant who starred in the Circus for several seasons.

Photo Galleries:

Images from Circus Flora by George Koertel

Images from Circus Smirkus by Vincent Cotnoir, Marvin Wang and Peter Ciardelli