FYI Vol. VII, No. 8

Here is a podcast you should give a try.

This American Goofball, Season 2, “How We Pay Our Mortgage as Clowns.”

Tiffany Riley and Dick Monday live in a house, not a trailer. They are professional clowns who occasionally tour with circus entities but primarily pay their mortgage by freelancing as comedy entertainers and teachers, show producers and writers and therapeutic clowns. They do not do birthday parties, twist balloons or provide face painting. How is this possible? Riley and Monday rarely say the word “no”.

This American Goofball follows these two clowns around the world where each gig is a new adventure. In China they load into a theater only to discover that the lights and sound have not arrived and the audience soon would. They create a fundraiser event in a prestigious theater in Boston while recovering from pneumonia after a hundred year flood strikes a tiny circus tent they’d brought to town. With two kids pursuing college degrees there’s no time to figure anything out, we just keep moving. If we learned anything from our years in the circus it was resilience and a strong belief that we can change the world, one laugh at a time.

We started  this last year by doing 7 episodes of a podcast parody.  It did well,  so this year we are becoming a little more legit blending a lot of location recording along with the studio production.  Basically clowns are storytellers, and this gives us another venue.

Please join us on our trip to China, next time on This American Goofball.


The show in China. Producer Chris Wang is seated center. Tiffany is seated to his right. Dick is standing behind Tiffany to her right.