The Ballyhoo Vol. VII, No. 5

The Cover:

Chandmanizaya, the leading lady of the Zangar Troupe a feature of the Kelly Miller Circus.  Photo by Maike Schulz


Coming attractions provide opportunities to participate, experience and train.

Feature Article:

Sophie Hurwitz takes us along as Circus Harmony visits Puerto Rico to collaborate with local youth circus and bring some joy to devastated areas of the Island.

Denver Report Revised:

Cindy Marvell revamps her previous report ot new circus activity in Denver. CO.

The Passing Spectacle:

       Kelly Miller

       Cirque Italia

Photo Galleries:

       Circus Harmony in Puerto Rico, photos courtesy of Jessica Hentoff

       Kelly Miller, photos by Maike Schulz

       Cirque Italia, photos by Maike Schulz