Ballyhoo Vol. VII, No. 2


A montage of images from the Viva Fest.  Photos by Maike Schulz

Editor’s Fanfare:

The circus community is celebrating the anniversary of its founding in London 250 years ago, and the equestrian tradition begun at that time continues to be a feature of today’s traditional circus.


America’s most ambitious circus festival, which was staged in Las Vegas during the past February has much success to report. An important survey is about to be undertaken, one that everyone associated with a circus organization or institution should take part in, and news of a career advancement is good news for a pair of American clowns. 

Feature Article:

Sylvia Zerbini’s new career direction is an example of how circus performers can adapt to a changing world.

The Passing Spectacle:

        Paris’ Cirque d’Hiver



        Circus Sarasota

        The film The Greatest Showman

Photo Galleries:

       Richard Czina’s images from Circus Sarasota

       Maike Schulz’s images from Las Vegas’ Viva Fest